“Mum Told Me To Stay Indoor Till I Deliver My Baby Because Of Previous Miscarriages” – Woman

A woman who has been married to his husband for 6 years shares story of how her mother told her to stay indoors till she delivers her baby because of her previous miscarriages.

According to her, every since she got married 6 years ago, her current pregnancy is the only one that has stayed this long. However, he mother told her that her previous miscarriages were caused because too many people usually know when she’s pregnant. So, her mother advised her to stay indoors for 9 whole months so that people wouldn’t see her pregnant.

Read her full story below as shared by The Human of Abuja;
“This is the first time my pregnancy is staying this long. Ever since I got married 6 years ago it’s been one miscarriage to another. My mother said it’s because too many people usually know when I’m pregnant. So she advised I stay indoors for 9 whole months, so people wouldn’t see me pregnant, she also said I should quit my job. That’s not possible though.

Thinking about being indoors for that long makes me go crazy. I don’t believe anyone can make me have a miscarriage. I don’t believe in that sort of thing.”


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