Lady Mocked For 14 Years Because Of Her ‘Ugly’ Leg Becomes A Successful Model (Photos)

A lady who has suffered from bullying because of one of her legs has finally turned the tables around.

A lady whose name is identified as Berlange Presilus took charge of her life at 28 year old as she becomes a successful model after several name-calling and bullying due for 14 years to how her leg looks.

Read her story below;

“28-year-old Berlange Presilus was born with a lump on her right leg, that formed a mass of intertwined veins that got bigger as she grew up. As a child, Berlange walked with a left tilt, and blood circulation issues made her toes curl and resulted in painful cramps. Finally, she was diagnosed with KTS at age 22.

But her deformed leg wasn’t going to stop her. Berlange went on to prove the bullies wrong by modeling for brands like Toys R Us, Samsung, Mac and Johnnie Walker, but avoided any jobs that would require showing her “flawed” leg for fear of rejection.”

Source – 36NG


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