Lady leaks shares explicit messages married church pastor sent to her (screenshots)

A Lady shares text messages which she alleged were sent to her by the pastor of the New Creation Church in Dallas Texas and this has sent the church into chaos.

The woman first posted screenshots of the messages on the Church’s Facebook page. She claimed they were sent to her by pastor Aaron L Finley, but the pastor, who is married with kids, claims not to know the woman in question.

The messages are quite explicit. One is of the pastor asking the woman if her period wasn’t over yet because he needs “p**sy”. The woman told him she was still on her period, then he asked her to help him get someone because he needed it badly.

The church is divided now as some member believe the pastor’s claim that he’s innocent while some do not believe him. As expected, this has led to division within the church.

Below are screenshots the woman shared.


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