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I Saw My Girlfriend’s Chats With Her Malaysia-based Lover, I’m Walking Away




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The woman I so much love has been taken me for granted. There is a guy in Malaysia that takes her time all the time. I have tried severally to stop her from contacting the guy but she still does.

I am not the kind of guy that beats up a lady otherwise I would have beaten her up very well. The so called Malaysian guy doesn’t provide any of her needs.

Infact from their heartbreaking chats I read, there was a time the guy told her she is free to date any other guy for money that she shouldn’t depend on him for any benefit. 

My gal told him that she’s not in for money. This is a gal I love with all my heart. I’ve been enduring this for long thinking she will change. I’ve had heart to heart talk severally with her telling her how pained I am. Yet every night she will be on whatsapp call with this guy for close to 3 hours after work.

Their whatsapp chat breaks my heart each time I intrude to read.

She keep telling the guy that she doesn’t have anybody and even when the guy argued she told him he will confirm when he sex her.

It kept me weak yet I continued loving her.

Just last week my cousin that is to travel to the states told me to come over to her place. Meanwhile my gal has been having issues with accommodation. Where she stays isn’t really OK and her rent will expire ending of this month. I taught it wise to rent the place for my gal. I took her to the place and we concluded with my cousin; she agreed to leave the place for her and even auctioned all her property for her which supposed to amount over 200k but my cousin decided to collect 150k because of me.

I collected her account details and told her I will transfer the money to her including the house rent so she can pay the landlord to avoid extra agent fee.

As we were going back, my gal was busy apologising to her Malaysian guy why she wasn’t able to pick his calls because the guy has been calling when we were there.

She told the guy she went out with her house agent to search for an accommodation. I was mad.

I am now being referred to as house agent. I forcefully collected her phone to call the guy. She almost died. She throw herself on the bed and was crying pleading I shouldn’t call. I left her house.

Meanwhile she’s having issues raising deposits since she’s a DSA. As God may have it I have some funds to help her out but due to her behaviour I’ve decided to move on.

She’s been calling and pleading but I know is all because of the house and deposits since she’s not willing to let the guy go. I love her so much and it breaks my heart.

I have called her severally and pleaded with her how hurtful I feel seeing her chats with that guy yet she continued. This is a guy that doesn’t care about her needs but she kept glued to him.

I’ve endured much hence I am walking away. It pains, yes it pains but I have no choice.

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Youths are the problems of the youths, Says Nollywood Actor Charles Anwurum



Youths are the problems of the youths, Says Nollywood Actor Charles Anwurum

Popular Nollywood Actor, Charles Awuru, has expressed that Nigerian youths are the problems youths in the country have.

The comic actor and director made this known in a video that has since gone viral on social media.

Awuru stated that the end SARS protest made him realize that the youths are the problem of the youths.

The actor pointed out that one section of the youths are protesting for a better Nigeria while others are looting and attacking fellow Nigerians.

Here is the video below;

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Ifa priests curse mob who stole Oba’s staff of office in Lagos (Video)



Ifa priests curse mob who stole Oba's staff of office in Lagos

Local priests in Lagos have invoked spell on hoodlums that attacked the palace of the Oba of Lagos, Riliwan Akiolu.

Information Nigeria recalls that the monarch’s palace was on Wednesday invaded by hoodlums, carting away the king’s personal effects to include shoes, and his staff of office (Opa Ase).

But, in a video that has since gone viral, some ifa priests were seen laying a curse on the attackers of the monarch’s palace


The monarch on Friday October 23, gave the men 24-hour to return the staff of office.

Following the expiration of the ultimatum, traditional priests in the state gathered to rain curses on those involved in the looting.

Watch the video below:

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Lewis Hamilton reacts to Nigeria’s #EndSARS protest



Lewis Hamilton reacts to Nigeria's #EndSARS protest

British racing driver, Lewis Hamilton has reacted to the recent end SARS protest against police brutality that rocked Nigeria.

Hamilton, who made the reaction on Twitter, stated that the recent events in Nigeria are a human rights crisis.


In his tweet, the British Formula 1 racer described the recent events in Nigeria as a human rights crisis, as he noted that it is the responsibility of everyone to educate and raise awareness about tragedies happening in the world.

Hamilton, who also shared a photo of himself rocking a black T-shirt with the inscription ‘#EndSARS’ and a map with the colour of the Nigerian flag on it, posted a link for people to sign up to demand an end to impunity for police brutality in Nigeria.

He wrote:

“We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves and raise awareness of the tragedies happening in the world around us and take action where we can. The recent events in Nigeria are a human rights crisis. Hit the link to find out more #EndSARS.”

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