I Just Found Out A Sidechic Tied My Rich Husband With Juju – Devastated Wife Cries Out

A woman crying (File photo)

A Nigerian woman has cried out for help after realizing that her husband is now under the control of a sidechic who used diabolic power to charm him.

While sharing the story sent to him by the devastated woman, Victor Nnamdi wrote:

Do you believe in juju? Can someone’s husband actually be snatched with juju? We all know this woman here, she is a regular commenter here but we never knew she has been going through this hell? I never knew that ‘side chic’ is so real and can be this powerful. My fellow married men, IF you must enter a hole that is not your wife’s, please be very careful of the hole(s) you enter because some of them will trap you down at the detriment of your cherished family. Not every hole is ordinary. Some has invisible hooks inside. Hear her :

“Ben can you believe I just found out that my husband is living with a woman? We live in Cotonou and I came down to Nigeria with the kids for holidays. When I want to go back, hubby asked me to hold on that things are tight. I have been going to churches praying since 2016 for open doors for him, being faithful to my husband over the years. My husband recently changed his Facebook password. When I insisted on going back, he started avoiding me. He changed password without logging off. It was through his chats that I found out. Ben Can I call you? Typing this is long. I trusted my husband with my life. When I confronted him he started avoiding me. Since this year he never called and I know him very well that is not ordinary.

Places I went to, I was told he is under spell. The lady herself sent me message on Facebook that nothing on earth will bring my husband close to me again, that she is in charge. Ben I was shattered because I value my marriage and I love my husband so much. I married him when he has nothing. Do you know my husband said I should move on since I have found out. I nearly died if not for my 2 kids. This is a secret I share with you alone Ben because of your sense of secrecy. I waka for this matter and they wanted to kill me. I back off to train my kids because if I die, they will suffer. Her mum is the one that does the juju for her. I just found out this year. But it has been happening and I was busy going to mountain and prayer house. I have begged him to come back and divorce me because anywhere I go, they will tell me if I fight it, that it will cost my son and my life.

Since 2016 I have been keeping my body. I have decided to move on. This is the girl and her mom ( she sends their pictures to me). She is the last in the family and none of them is married. So they are desperate.

Ben seal this secret between us.I am dying inside. I trusted my husband with my life. Nothing on earth will make me believe he will cheat talk more of this extent. It was a huge blow Ben. I Still can’t believe I am alive.

If you can get me a good man here in Abuja. Only him will have access to my body. I don’t want to start sleeping around although I know condition want to push me but I think I have kept my body enough. If I must do it, it must be a good man and matured that deserves me. Just give me a good man. Apart from my breast that is not very firm, I am almost like a virgin because I delivered through cs. So I need friends with benefit because my conditions needs assistance till I get my dream job.”

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