How To Conceal Eye Bags With Makeup (DIY)

Eye bags are caused by excessive accumulation of fluids in the skin tissue surrounding the eyes. The resulting swelling, also called edema, can be quite prominent. Not to worry though, makeup can help to conceal this disturbing protusion. Watch this video by youtuber, AirahMorenaTV, to see how to.

Note that when applying them, gently tap makeup product under the eyes. Don’t rub, as this could cause aging.

Causes Of Eye Bags

There are many factors that could be responsible for puffy eyes. Some of them include:

DIY: How To Conceal Eye Bags With Makeup

Normally, the eye is shielded by fatty tissue in the upper and lower  lids. As we age, the supporting membrane, or “septum” as it is called, begins to wear thin. Consequently, the protective layer surrounding the eye socket pushes forward into the area beneath the eye. This is how eye bags are formed as a result of aging.

DIY: How To Conceal Eye Bags With Makeup

  • This could be as a result of a hectic schedule or other insomnia inducing situations. For example, mental or emotional disturbances could lead to loss of sleep. Unfortunately, this can cause increased retention of blood and fluid around the eyes.According to Essilor USA, an online publication,”Sleepy eyes are often dry eyes. Your eyes need a constant supply of tears for optimum function, which is why blinking is so important. Insomnia prevents eyes from getting needed fluid circulation.”


DIY: How To Conceal Eye Bags With Makeup

In addition to coughing, sneezing and nasal cogestion, puffy eyes are symptoms of allergic reactions. This is as a result of allergens than can be found in natural elements such as dust and plants. Also, they can be found in chemical agents such as the ones used in cleaning. A person that is suffering from allergic reaction may develop itchy, watery and eventually swollen eyes.

DIY: How To Conceal Eye Bags With Makeup

Salt and foods that are high in sodium content can cause fluid retention. You may want to limit your salt intake to minimal as well as avoid foods that can cause eye bags.


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