How My Girlfriend Cheated On Me With A Dirty, Short ‘Yahoo Boy’

Relationship Blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared a story on how his lover secretly slept with a Yahoo Boy.

Read the story below;

Good day Joro. My first time writing to you. It’s about my gf. She cheated on me and I found out from her IG. She cheated on me with a short dirty looking yahoo boy. Forgive my adjective for qualifying him. But mehn, the guy no even follow honestly.

It means, she doesn’t even have standards & taste. Probably, anybody with the money is ok.

After he had his way with her, he blocked her on whatsapp and social media. My gf even had to beg him for Val’s gift, bday gift. He blanked her.

You need to see the way she was begging him for his attention and affection.

This is a girl I’ve tried to give everything I can give over the course of our relationship. We’ve dated for 9 years. since uni days.

I left school before her.

My family accepted her as the one I’ll marry. I promised my mum I’ll make her my wife early next year by God’s grace.

Nobody should say, its been long we’ve been dating. We started dating when she was 18 in her 1st year & I was 20 in my 400 level.

We are in love with each other. We’ve had our issues and have always sorted it out.

She’s not on pressure. She’s always believed in me that I’ll make money legitimately. She has pushed me to succeed. I’m not so rich yet, but I believe I’ll be cos I’m hardworking. She believes in me too..

She knows my plan was always to get money in a legit way cos of my family upbrining. I placed her on part of my salary for over four years every month until she finished nysc & started to work.


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