Dapchi Girls: Aisha Wakil Speaks On Boko Haram’s Intention To Surrender To Military

While speaking in an exclusive chat with Nigerian Tribune, founder of the Complete Care Aid Foundation, Aisha Wakil, popularly called Mama Boko Haram, disclosed that members of the Boko Haram sect that have killed thousands of Nigerians, are ready to surrender to the military.

Aisha’s disclosure came as parents of the 110 abducted girls of Government Technical College, Dapchi in Yobe State, are losing their cool by the day as their children spent 13 days in captivity.

In an apparent loss of confidence in the authorities, they have resolved to take their destinies in their own hands by forming the Dapchi Abducted Girls Parents Association.

Aisha, who is a major negotiator for the sect, said that she could vouch for their readiness to drop their arms and embrace peace.

She said: “I was shocked, like every other Nigerian, as same history has repeated itself like Chibok girls. I enquired and I was told that it was Habib and co who took the girls.

“This is not Habib’s habit, son of Mohammed Yusuf. I know he is with Maman Nur one of the peaceful groups of Jamatul Ali’s Sunna, Liddawati Wul Jihadi.  Nur, Habib and group are people with less violence.

“Why these Dapchi little girls were taken by them left me with shock. I know, believe and trust that they won’t hurt them or hold them long. This group I can beat my chest and tell the world that it needs peace and it wants to stop.

“These kids are not heartless people. May Almighty Allah touch the hearts of these dear sons so that they could stop. The whole world is watching. What are they afraid of? Who will touch a surrendered fighter? Do they think the world and I would not be there for them?

“Dear sons, my knees are on the ground, my hands up to Allah, begging all of you to stop. Try me your mum, just come out with the girls, please don’t do havoc again. From the deep of my heart, I beg with motherly love and tears.

“Stop and don’t let your sisters stay too long. We are not praying for future occurrences. We need the fight to end peacefully. Every individual in the country, mosques, churches, states the whole country should engage in praying.

“Stop blaming anyone. I believe if we pray more, God will pour down His grace on us, Nigeria will be better again,” Aisha said.

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