Danfo Bus Bashes Lamborghini Ferrari At Lekki Toll Gate In Lagos (Photo+Video)

It was a sad evening for a Danfo bus driver who bashed a Lamborghini car at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos.
In a clip, some passengers were heard expressing concern over the event while the culprit believed to be a person wearing a black shirt paced frantically in a bid to prove innocence.

Loud chatters in Yoruba brought to the fore the atmosphere of the scene – a realisation that the damage will cost a lot of money.
A video showing this has circulated social media and has received curious comments from Instagram users.
Most of the opinions bothered on pity as well as shock, bearing in mind the expensive value of the Ferrari.

Truck with incomplete tyres is a thin line between life and death

An old truck with incomplete tyres seen navigating through one of the busy roads in Victoria Island, Lagos, is a thin line between life and death.
The vehicle which seemed to be conveying a full load of sand was captured by a Facebook user, Abasianam Ufot. It showed two bare rims stroll down an empty path as road users fear for their safety.

What will most likely be an issue for them is the competence of the heavy truck when it concerns making it down to its destination without any event.
Motorcycle riders swiftly made a safe passage beside the monstrous beast but unfortunately bigger vehicles were restricted to slow movement based on the hindrance.
It is a sharp image of the carefree attitude that has welcomed the idea of road safety in Nigeria.

Agencies assigned to the duty of ensuring sanity on the roads still have work to do in terms of ensuring compliance to rules. Most drivers handle their steering with great impatience and have often met their death.


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