Check out this hilarious chat between a Nigerian mother and her European-based daughter

Nigerian model and entrepreneur, Ruth, who is married to an Italian man took to Instagram to share the screenshot of a chat between her mother and sister.

Apparently, their mother was alarmed that Ruth’s sister had gone to a restaurant by the seaside.

“Who do you think that prepared the food on top of river?” she asked.

It seems the woman had concluded that ‘marine spirits’ prepared the food.

She shared the below screenshot of the chat with the caption;

“I woke up to this from my sister @hopilicious 😭🤣😂. Here is why I quietly left Facebook for my mum. Each time I posted us on the seaside, my mum comments and also calls to remind me that she never gave birth to me inside the river or lakeside 😩😂. That was why she never took us to bar beach (Lagos) while growing up🙄😂😅. #AfricanMother #NdiOchaBuAbara 😄 #IyaNkechi #NigerianMother #mamiwaterfood #Nelumiri #OnTopOfWater! 😂”


Source – Gistreel


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