Check out Paddy Adenuga’s advice to guys who spend money on ‘babes’

Paddy Adenuga one of the sons of Nigerian billionaire business man Mike Adenuga has just shared some really wise words for guys in relationships.

Paddy revealed sometimes ago that he has been engaged twice – in 2010 and 2012 – but he didn’t get married to either ladies, and as thus he’s still single.

He took to his Twitter page to tell guys who spend money on ‘babes’ to check themselves and make sure their mothers are happy before they go lavish on any woman…
He wrote:

to my ninjas in the game.. before you wire cash to that babe or the babes on your list that have been taxing you for dinero..

ask yourself, have I taken care of my mother lately and is she happy.. if the answers are yes, fire! if not my guy.. na to reprioritize!

Paddy currently resides in the US, had in June 2017, stated that he will not be having kids or getting married in the next 10 years as he is currently married to his job.


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