Bedroom Tale Of Lagos Woman, Sister Precious Who Can Never Be Satisfied


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The economic conditions in Nigeria have been quite harsh thereby turning most exuberant single men into emergency ‘Born Again’ Christians who have learned to appreciate and marry their beds on Friday nights instead of clubbing.

With over 7 million people losing their jobs in the last three years, you just have to save your earnings against any incident of famine in the land.

Mike never felt like spending the Friday night alone. Friday nights are like festivals in Lagos for most fun-loving single men who have worked hard throughout the week. Its either you are engaging in an indoor affair e.g. bringing her home for the night or you are doing it outdoors i.e. clubbing.

Considering his very fragile bank account status, Mike settled for his bed. He returned to his dark house as there was no light, had a shower, enjoyed the big pineapple fruit he bought on the street and hit the room for a nice sleep after raising the curtains of his room for fresh air. It was not his ideal night but an austerity period ushered in by the Buhari administration demanded common sense to prevent undue loan applications to unwilling friends before the end of the month.

As ‘early’ as 10pm, Mike was already sleeping but he got an unusual call an hour later from someone. He grabbed his phone which was beside him on his bed and it was his friend Simeon, a legal practitioner working in one of the top law firms in Lagos State.

“Hello… How far na? Sorry to disturb you. I hope you are alone boss? I am coming to pass the night at your place.” he said.

“Baba. E don late na. Wetin happen? The gateman would have locked the gate oh” Mike replied in an unstable tone.

“Boss, I close late for work jor. I can’t make it home this night. I will call you when I get to the gate of your house” he replied.

In less than less than 20 minutes, Simeon was already at the gate. Fortunately for him, the gateman of northern descent identified him as a regular visitor and allowed him in. He made it to Mike’s flat as soon as possible. Simeon immediately expressed his desire to eat. His hunger was double. He wanted to feed his mouth as well as his waist. Simeon’s s*xual urge wasn’t new to Mike. They were friends during their university days and Simeon has always been gracious with his third leg. 

Mike switched on the TV as power was already restored to keep him entertained while he prepared some noodles at the kitchen. The clock was already approaching 12am at this point.

Despite being married and having a child, Simeon has remained unrepentant with his waist. He has graduated from sleeping with just one to doing them in twos. He tends to taste from the girls in every state or African country his firm posts him to work and his gist is very intoxicating. Some of them could heal an impotent man due to the erotic depth. This time around, Simeon was at it again with his s*xcapades.

“You wouldn’t believe I entered one hotel on my way here to ease some stress but the girls I approached for a short time service were skeptical because I wore a suit. They felt I was a federal agent who was on an investigative assignment. Most of the girls didn’t even look good at all. I am sure their services will be as bad as their physical appearances” he said as he fiddled with the DSTV remote.

“You are already used to bad things, so you really wanna have s*x this night? Mehnn…go to bed jare.” Mike advised.

Simeon wasn’t ready to sleep without mounting something. He devoured his hot noodles voraciously and searched his phone contacts for numbers of girls who offer ‘home services’. It was already midnight and no hustler was ready to risk it. Simeon had no choice than to hide his erect manhood in his boxers and sleep off.

The next morning, Simeon insisted on inviting a girl over. One would have thought marriage reduces the urge people have for s*x or even make them more disciplined. But it’s like the randy men never change,  It only gets worse. They tend to see marriage as a bondage over time, they will tell you sleeping with one woman is like eating rice and stew non-stop over a year and there’s no way one will not beg for Egusi soup and Eba at some point.

Simeon just wanted to taste a different soup to refresh his head. Mike who is a veteran in the field but currently incapacitated by the struggling economy brought out his phone and started dialing numbers.

Much focus was on a beautiful hooker in FESTAC Town who smartly maintains a low profile just like the notorious kidnap kingpin, Evans. It was hard to reach her due to the high demand for her services by the public. After her, a voluptuous student who shuttles between Bayelsa State and Lagos State was also contacted but she wasn’t available. Mike scrolled his contact list for more numbers until he found that of one busty Amarachi who seemed to have had an overdose of s*x all through the night as she kept responding as if she was drunk. She was still in bed and quite fatigued probably after serving many men.

Simeon was almost losing hope when Mike suggested that he could lay with a 36-year old woman identified as Sister Precious.

“Baba make I call one Sister Precious for you? (Showing Simeon her picture on WhatsApp).” Mike asked. Simeon nodded in acceptance, the call was made and the response of Sister Precious was very positive.

“Merely seeing her, she might not be your preferred choice but her skills, physical endowment, energy, passion and reliability stand out” Mike told him.

Looking impressed, Simeon decided to try her out and Mike made the call. Precious seemed excited as she promised to be at Mike’s house which she is familiar with in a matter of minutes.

Precious is a very strange person who might even be a ghost if one decides to trace her roots. Mike met her on a dating application late in 2017 and the duo has enjoyed a smooth sexual relationship. It’s cheap dealing with Precious. She loves s*x and she concentrates more on satisfying herself and not just the money. She would demand for alcohol on some occasions to enable her go ballistic on a client during s*x. 

 Precious is very discreet about her trade, she is well covered up, no weird hairstyles, no strange make-ups, tattoos, nose rings or any indications that have to do with harlotry.  Her stealth nature was just like the Cali drug cartel in Colombia. She appears like that innocent friend who came to discuss that state of the nation and maybe personal issues. Nobody really knows where she stays. When traced on Facebook, it appeared that she might be married with kids but she never talks about that aspect of her life and Mike never cared to know.

The demand for her services is quite high as she could be seen always replying messages from her potential customers on WhatsApp. The s*x trade in Lagos moves faster than petrol; the fabulous lifestyles of some less busy and self acclaimed Nollywood actresses supplies an evidence.

While others might charge so much for just a round or two for the show, she challenges her customer for an unlimited match. This simply means we can have s*x till one of us passes out.

Her hips are as massive as the fresh yams from Benue State and her bum is like the head of a whale if one is not exaggerating. You even find it hard to see between her legs when she sits down. But she is not lazy, despite her size, she is as strong as a village wrestler and she is comfortable with all positions. Her moans sound like the trumpet of a baby elephant.

She is not the most beautiful woman but she will give you more than the value of your money. She likes it rough and hard. She likes her bogus backside been slapped like it’s done in adult films. She offers oral s*x on a free will note. While some Lagos ‘Runs girls’ guard their breasts jealously to prevent manhandling by horny men, she begs for hers to be fondled and sucked.

“On a particular occasion, I lost appetite for food after sleeping with Sister Precious. I exhausted my energy and I was wobbling. I only took milk solution constantly till the next day to regain my fitness. It has never happened to me before. On getting home, she messaged me on WhatsApp that she is so proud of me” Mike recounted to Simeon who was becoming too eager to meet her.

In less than 20 minutes, Sister Precious had arrived. Mike led her into his room and informed her that it was his friend who wanted her. She smiled and started taking off her clothes for business without any mention of her charges.

Simeon is stronger than a horse; he entered the room as Mike gave him a go ahead as he kept his distance for privacy purpose. In seconds, the bed stand was already quivering. Two warriors of years of meritorious service on the battlefield were locked in a contest. As Mike took a stroll, he knew there was going to be a story to tell from either of the parties. 

Simeon soon called that he was done with the first round. He rejoined them and Precious appeared overly excited like she had collected money from the popular Ponzi scheme, MMM.

“This your friend is too strong, the condom even broke. I am sure he took something intoxicating. His energy level is strange” Precious said amidst smiles as she awaited a second round.

As Simeon and Mike cracked jokes over a plates of rice and salad with beef, Precious was restless as she fiddled with Mike’s manhood. Mike also used that juncture to have a feel of her for free. She joined their conversation as if they are her close friends and she kept laughing. She really felt at home which a rarity among pleasure workers in Lagos as they are mostly hostile and overly quiet mostly due to inferiority complex.

Looking into Mike’s eyes, she asked; “How come you haven’t contacted me this year? Anyway, happy New Year oh.”

“I have missed you but you know the state of the Nigerian economy. It’s cheaper to be a good boy in recent times”. Mike replied.

“You must prepare for yours (s*x) before I go even if it’s a round”. She said.

At that moment, Mike whose manhood had ears developed an erection which he couldn’t hide. Simeon after taking his bath demanded for his second round and the show started with Sister Precious on top. It was so fierce that the bed stand almost collapsed. The bed stand was literally complaining as they banged. Both parties switched positions severally till Simeon exploded in her. As Simeon came out of the room sweating like a Christmas goat as they say, Sister Precious called Mike into the room. She was still half-n*ked. She asked for Mike to pay her a token and take his shot. It sounded like a compensation for the link which she liked. 

Mike gave her some money, wore a condom  and she was on bed again hitting him from top with her mountainous breasts flapping like a hand fan as Mike thrust deeply. He demanded for a doggie and she obliged him. Sister Precious took a position like it was done in the blockbuster movie, Spartacus and plugged in his prodigal organ.

The position was perfect. It was as if he was tickling her womb. In no time, she started moaning. She shook her bum as he humped for sensational effects. It was so pleasurable that Mike felt like dying in the process. He didn’t just want to have a taste of the unending drama called life anymore. He forgot about all his challenges at that moment.

“Let me be truthful with you for once, I felt like Mark Zuckerberg for the first time in my life as I climaxed in her. She didn’t want me to stop. She was ready to go on and on but she still gave me that appreciative look” Mike told this journalist.

He dashed off to the bathroom for a cold shower. He was breathing hard as a high volume of water at a top velocity poured on his body through the shower. He made no effort to use his hands as he reminisced over his shot. It was quite commendable. He felt so relieved! 

Before he finished, he heard his door being opened and shut simultaneously. His guess was right; Sister Precious was gone after wearing her usual innocent makeup like nothing ever happened.

As Mike stepped out of the bathroom after washing himself, Simeon looked at him and said;

“I have never seen someone like her in my life. She was really worth it. She enjoys her job. I doubt if she can ever be satisfied by a man born of a woman”

“I really doubt” Mike replied as he used the towel to clean his body. 

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