Be Honest: Would you vote Ayo Fayose for president in 2019?

According to Channels TV, Ayo Fayose, Ekiti State Governor while addressing hundreds of women at an event to commemorate the 2018 International Women’s Day yesterday, yet again said he will become Nigeria’s President in 2019.

The Nigerian constitutions allows any Nigerian eligible to contest for an elective position do so without discrimination right?, so would you vote Ayo Fayose for president in 2019?


  1. It will be a tragedy if I vote for ayo fayose come 2019 because in his state what has he done for his people in ekiti state .I can’t vote for arm robber like fayose.he has Notting in his brain to develop ekiti not to talk of nigeria.

  2. I will be one of d first person to vote for him. He is d most truthful, sincere and does not pretend. D best governor do far.

  3. The answer to the question is “Very Yes”, if I may be permitted to employ dat expression. I often wonder y some Nigerian’s ar not discerning. Dis guy calls a spade a spade without giving a hoot whose ox is gored, in contrast to many of our politicians, so-called prominent pple who keep mute out of cowardice, political correctness, lust for crumps from corridors of power, fear of prosecution for corrupt past activities, etc.


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