Advice Column: I like him but he’s broke and smells like fish

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I don’t know why we can’t have everything we need in one package when it comes to love and relationship. There is this guy that has been on my case lately, he’s like in his early 30’s just like me. He seems like a good guy and treats me the way no man has ever done.

One time he called me when I was sick, I told him I haven’t eaten anything all day. He rushed down to my house, bought food for me, washed all the clothes in my laundry basket including my undies. I was so touched but the issue I have with him is that, he is so broke. Hardly has airtime on his phone, has never bought me anything tangible and the worst part is that he has this annoying smell. I have bought him some perfumes and body spray but Oga will still come to my presence without spraying it.

I want to tell him but I don’t know how best to do it without hurting his ego. Please help me everyone because apart from these problems,  this guy is so fine and treats me like a queen.


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