Advice Column: My Boyfriend Beats Me and Strip Me Nude


I’m 17 and he’s 22, we have been dating for almost one year. I love him so much and don’t know if I can ever leave him.

My guy can be really calm, gentle and loving until he’s angry with me. Anytime, he sees Whats’app messages from another guy, or I take another guy’s call or I don’t even pick the phone up – He beats me up and strips me naked, then pushes me out of his room calling me a whore.

He has done it thrice and each time, his neighbours always rush down to mediate and give me something to cover my body. The first time he did it, when we settled I begged him never to do it, he agreed and even apologised but did it again and again.

I really love this guy and don’t want to leave him – what do I do???



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