Yoruba actor Ayanfe Adekunle survives ghastly car crash

Experiencing an almost fatal occurrence is something a lot of people would give praise and thanks to God for. The fact that you’re offered a second chance is something to be grateful for and perhaps, gratitude is all Yoruba actor, Ayanfe Adekunle is feeling at the moment.

Popularly known by one of his famous on-screen character, Alfa Monsuru, the talented actor was recently involved in a ghastly motor accident. In what would have been yet another tragedy in the entertainment industry, the talented actor survived with an injury on his forehead.

After getting discharged from the hospital, he took to social media to share the good news of his recovery. In a video which he posted on his Instagram page, the actor is seen with a plaster on his injured forehead thanking everyone that sympathized with him and he further revealed his eyes are perfectly fine. He also thanked his family and friends who tried to reach out during his time spent in the hospital.

Before this post on his Instagram, sources close to the actor revealed that he might have lost an eye as doctors referred him to a specialist hospital in Dubai but he debunked the news with his latest video on Instagram.

Considered to be one of the fast rising actors in the Yoruba movie scene, he is know for either playing the role of a stubborn man or working with deities.


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