“It Smells So Good!”- Amber Rose Talks About Sniffing Her Man’s Underwears After He Has Worn Them

A lot of people have ways of making their partner more endeared to them. For some, it’s wearing their favorite Tee or sleeping on their side of the bed or even playing their favorite music. Well, for Amber Rose, it is sniffing his underwear after he was worn them.

“I’ve sniffed his underwear, like where his balls are,” she said in Loveline podcast. “It smells so good!”

“Are we gross? That’s hot to me, I’m sorry,” she continued after the host Dr. Chris Donaghue agreed with her. “It has the smell of their pubic hair walking around throughout the day… Woo!”,she added.

The model who is dating 21 Savage also added she likes sniffing the rapper’s cologne and the smell on him in his clothes.

Source – NET.ng


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