Shatta Wale Reacts To Death Prophecy By Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran

Yesterday we brought you a report about a prophet in Ghana who has come out with a prophecy that dancehall singer, Shatta Wale is close to the grave.

According to another Prophet Cosmos Walker, he sees another national mourning as Shatta Wale is close to tragic end.

Prophet-Cosmos Walker Affran wrote on his Facebook page;

“Ghana should pray, I see a national mourning again the whole nation was in tears and this time is Ghanaian singer “Shatta wale”, and it is very close “death” . ” Thou saith the Lord ” prophecy by Prophet-Cosmos Walker Affran.”

Meanwhile Shatta Wale who is infuriated by the prophecy said in a live video on Facebook that if by December this year he is still alive, he and his Shatta movement will break some churches.

He wrote on Facebook;

Don’t think you are a pastor so you are anointed ..GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR HIS CHILDREN AND AM ONE OF THEM..Don’t dare me Mr pastor .. Don’t try my God”

”Ghana pastors won’t see you winning a lottery in their visions they claim..but always they see death or your family is after you ..God show yourself this year ..LET ALL SEE WHY YOU NAMED ME SHATTA WALE

See his post below;

source: Facebook


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