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Serious Drama As Valentine’s Day Celebration Generates Public Debate Among Nigerians



The observance of Ash Wednesday and celebration of Valentine’s Day on Feb.14 has generated mixed feeling among a section of Nigerians.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the Ash Wednesday is the ceremony to commence the Lenten period and entails fasting and abstinence from eating meat while Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate Love.

The two celebrations coinciding on Feb. 14, 2018, has generated discussions by people on the propriety to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the usual way or not.

A cross section of residents in Mararaba, Nasarawa State believes that the two events coinciding on the same day was something special.

A Catholic priest, Rev. Father, Eugene Irobmez, said Nigerian Churches should focus on Ash Wednesday, to mark the beginning of lent, the time of reflection and penitence.

According to Irobmez, the two events first coincided 60 years ago, when Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday were celebrated on the same day.

Irobemz said that the tradition of the church was that the Ash Wednesday surpassed every other day, because it was a day of obligation.

“It is a day of obligation when Christians are encouraged to fast and abstain from meat, a day of obligation supersede Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day is not a feast of solemnity, but it is a memorial day; a day to be remembered. So, in this case, solemnity supersedes Memorial Day,’’ the priest said.

Irobemz explained that Ash Wednesday was the beginning of lent, an official day Christians fast, asked for forgiveness of sin and a day of soberness.

He, however, noted that valentine could be celebrated any other day.

“Since it is a day to show love, showing of love can be celebrated any other day like on Sunday because we do not usually fast on Sundays.

“You cannot reconcile a sober period with a day of celebration; when a priest gives ashes to people, it signifies that you should remember that we are dust, unto dust we shall return.

“The life we have now is temporal, there is a final destination for everyone, which we have to prepare for, because the day is close,” Irobemz said.

Meanwhile, some residents NAN that the coincidence in the double celebration was a setback describing Ash Wednesday as a day of abstinence.

Mr Tony David, a resident said, “We are not allowed to eat meat that day and with the Valentine celebration of showing love, eating meats and drinking is the main thing.

“As a Christian, my religious obligation is supreme for me to make heaven. I will just sacrifice the love for meat this valentine.

“However, I know that next year, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s day will not fall on the same day,’’ he said.

Miss Maria Michael, a student of Nasarawa State University, said she would celebrate the Valentine’s Day in a special way in spite of the fact it was the beginning of lent.

“I already know that Ash Wednesday is a day to remember that we are ashes and to ashes we shall return, but eating good food to be alive is also necessary.

“I will not lie; I am going to eat chicken that day with my boyfriend because that is the only opportunity that my guy will take care of me in special way.

“He can also fast any other day but on that Feb.14 it will be something different because the environment will be filled with love and we have to flow with it,’’ she said.

Mrs Chioma Jude said that Ash Wednesday happens to be a day of fasting, when you seek the face of God and asked for pardon.

“Such day cannot be sacrificed for anything not even Valentine; one can still celebrate love any other day with his or her loved ones,” she said.

Mrs Esther Daniel said “as for me, my husband and I will go and receive our Ash in the morning and later in the evening we will celebrate our Valentine’s Day because of the necessity.”

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School teacher reportedly flees after allegedly flogging his student to death in Lagos



In what will come across as a really shocking development, a Twitter user has accused a Lagos teacher of killing his brother.

The man alleged that a Lagos teacher beat his junior brother to death over the boy’s failure to correctly answer a question asked of him during their mathematics session.

The man, whose Twitter handle identified him as Ridwan Oyewunmi, on Friday narrated the incident, which he claimed involved one Elihans College in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.

He said the school authorities had made them believe the young boy, whom he identified as Boluwatife Omelaja, had slumped and died while attempting to answer a question in the front of the classroom.

“I just lost my brother to School Teacher Brutality. Mr. Emmanuel is a sec school teacher at Elihans college, Ikorodu in Lagos,” Oyewunmi wrote in a Twitter thread.

“He beat up my brother Boluwatife Omelaja (frame 2) to death on the 26th of November on the school premises because he couldn’t answer a math question he was asked correctly.

“The school initially made us believe he slumped and died while he was trying to answer the question on the board, a boy who wasn’t ill or showed any sign of sickness before.

“He was brought home in the school’s bus by the school proprietress and principal, along with Mr. Emma-whom we didn’t know was the killer at that time, and he was buried a few hours later according to the Muslims doctrine.”

Oyewunmi also said the principal conveyed the boy’s corpse with the school bus to his parents’ home.

He, however, added that one Lateef Omelaja, the deceased’s sibling, “who was prevented from leaving the school,” later returned and narrated what he claimed transpired.

“Meanwhile Bolu’s other brother, Lateef Omelaja was prevented from leaving the school premises, in order to prevent him from spreading the true news to us at home and to buy Mr. Emma more time to run away,” he added.

“We believed the cock and bull story the school fed us not until Lafeef got home at around 5 pm and narrated what really happened at the school to us.

“We also confirmed this from other students of the school including classmates of Boluwatife.

“The painful part is, the school keeps trying to cover up for Mr. Emma claiming he didn’t beat Bolu. Mr. Emma is on the run, nowhere to be found.

“I know no amount of punishment for him will bring back my brother but I just want Mr. Emma located and justice served.”

As of when this report was filed, TheCable Lifestyle has reached out to the school involved to hear its side of the story.

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I am happy without marriage, kids – Don Jazzy reveals




Michael Collins Ajere, professionally known as Don Jazzy has said he is happy without marriage and kids.

The iconic music producer said that contrary to many people’s belief, he is happy not being married at this point in his life.

Don Jazzy stated this during an interview with The PUNCH, while speaking on the level of fulfilment he feels.

According to him, his business is doing well and family is comfortable, so the believe that he is not happy about not being married and not having children is untrue.

The music producer noted that he is very happy currently and would only start missing children sometime in the future.

When asked if he feels fulfilled, he said;

“Pretty much, yes. I am doing well and I have a beautiful business. My family is healthy and comfortable. I know a lot of people would say because I am not married and don’t have children, that means I am not happy.

“But, I am very happy (laughs). I am not missing anything. Perhaps, in the future, I would start missing little children but for now, I am actually fine. I feel fulfilled and grateful. I thank God.”

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Falz excited after a street in Lagos was named after him



Nigerian rapper, Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz has taken to social media to show his excitement after a street got named after him in Lagos state.

Street named after Falz in Lagos

The Bop Daddy crooner disclosed this on Friday, November 27, on his Instagram page after he shared a photo of himself standing under a street sign .

On the street sign, one could see “Falz Falana Lane” boldly written on it.

Street named after Falz in Lagos

Sharing his excitement, the rapper stated that there is “wahala” for anyone who doesn’t have a street named after them.

In Nigeria, streets are named after people for a purpose. It could be for their affluence, impacts or landmark achievements.

There is no doubt that Falz was honoured for his impact in music and society at large recalling how he used his voice during the recent EndSARS campaign.

His fans and industry colleagues have reacted to the photo of the singer. While Many hailed him with different love emojis, others noted that he deserved it.

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