See What These Children Did To Their Own Mother After A Pastor Told Them That She Is A Witch

This is so heartbreaking
Saw this Video on Social media when I was surfing through Instagram and I can’t help but share this with all Users.
According to the poster, these Children went on Rampage and they dealt with their Mum mercilessly after a Man of God sorry Pastor told them she was a witch.
A woman that cater for you all from birth till they all grew up to this stage? Am sincerely confused here.
If she was a witch according to the Pastor, I don’t think any of them would have live to grow this far before she use them as her Sacrificial offering.
We want you all to say something about this video.

Watch video here
If A Pastor Tells You This, What Would You Do?
What Do You Have To Say About This Children?
We want you all to say something about this Children of Hell.

Read what some people said below:-
Cici_Tiwa said:-
They will all neva end well in Jesus name… She is a witch and she didn’t send fire to consume dem… Bunch of animals..
They will all cry blood soonest… Not even a single soul can rescue her… They stripped her naked and beat her… That is how their children will treat each and every one of them…
A won omo ale.
Dami said:-
I can’t believe it. That’s cruel and ruthless. If truly she was a witch, trust me guys you won’t be alive to even overheard a fake pastor with fake prophecy.
I no blame una shey dem get d mother ni dat y……I wish I knew mine…….# R.I.P mama……I love u still evn if I only saw u in pictures…..some people get but dem wan kill her by their self..
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  1. most of these people dat call themselves Pastors are confusion themselves, they lack wisdom which is one of d greatest virtue u must operate in as a man of God, if actually they are men and women of God

  2. There are ways of presenting issues.If truely it was shown to that Pastor. These children should have applied wisdom.Use wisdom to take her for deliverance. Pls, while we all shun this attitude of the children, we must not rule out the possibility of SPELL/ENCHANTMENT that may be placed on people (even parents) to turn back to bite themselves.This world has become so complex! While I agree with the earlier comments on this particular issue, I wish to appeal to us not to be quick and too emotional in generalizing on the Ministers of God. Bite ONLY the fingers that err. Thank you.

  3. Disgracing their mother is not the best, they should have taken it to God in prayer there’s nothing too hard for God. that’s a spiritual problem that needs spiritual battle.

  4. Any pastor who tels me that my Mom is a witch I wil ask the same Pastor pray nd deliver her from the witchcraft . foolish people beating their Mom war unto them

  5. I had similar problems with my siblings.a pastor told them my mom is a witch that is why they re not married. they disgraced my mom openly in the yard they re mom called me on phone to tell me,I pleaded that she should come to my place so we can discussed it.she told me it was her own pastor who told my siblings mom is a witch that is why they cannot marry,we had to go and meet the pastor but he denied everything saying he didn’t. still date my siblings re still not in good term with my mom.out of anger the poor woman cursed them.a woman who nursed them since when there father died at a tender age and give them life till they become adult now.all this pastors I hate hearing anything concerning them,they are all using the house of God for business center.

  6. All these men needed to do, was to bundle their mother to the very pastor for deliverance. As a pastor, if the Lord reveals a problem to me, He also would give me the grace to solve it. The kids weren’t wise. They could have as well join forces together, declare vigil and pray for their moms deliverance in conjunction with the pastor. cursing the children will never solve the problem, who knows if the woman herself was cursed by her own mum. pray that the lord forgive them in order for the calamity to cease.

  7. even if their mother is a witch they don’t have the right to hurt her cos every human being is guilty of one thing or the other. each day of our lives we offend God but he still have mercy how much more we filthy rags cannot forgive one another.

  8. Almighty God in his infinity mercy will have mercy on us ,protect and guide us from our ignorance and stupidity. your mother is your mother no matter what and no children’s has the right to raised his or her hand against her parent, it’s a course on to them,so beware and be wise the ways you deal with your parents.

  9. What she needs is help not eating, stupid children, may the Lord have mercy on them. Even if she confess, you must know that she is under manipulation by evil forces

  10. Guys dis story is no a full story,do u know if d mother has been doing many bad tinx ever since den?head strong pas head.these remaining children of her,do u know if she have try to kill dem one or 2 ways?don’t just sit dere and start saying what u don’t know.if I tell u my own story about my father,i am 26 now and u will say from d day of birth till now,if my father didn’t see me,it’s not by dat u know if they had been suspecting her since?pls stop saying d woman it’s not a witch.

  11. Pastors should be careful how they are using the name of God to destroy families, relationships all in the name of prophecy, making marchant and taking advantage of ignorant ones. The bible said suffer not the witch not to live, instead of casting out or dealing with the spirit, they with flesh, destroying marriages and relationships. And that is going from one pastor to another, purse and sturdy your bible and know what bible said concerning last days

  12. I pitty those guys, cause I wonder who is going to deliver them from this generational curses they are putting upon themselves cos even that fake pastor that is ment for hell bad.

  13. Public disgrace and beating should be banned. It’s damaging the reputation of Nigerians. I hope the woman is alive and finds it in her heart to forgive her children. This is a satanic warfare against the family. Not all who claim to be pastors are called by God and they will reap their reward on judgement day.

  14. Those children are putting them self in a big problem in their lifetime. Whoever beat his or her parents has questions to answer from God.


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