S3xual assault case against American singer, Seal has been dropped due to lack of evidence

The sexual battery case brought against Seal has been thrown out by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

According to TMZ, the D.A. said there was a lack of witnesses or evidence to go along with the story brought up by actress Tracey Birdsall.


Seal’s former neighbor, actress Tracey Birdsal, is accusing him of forcefully kissing and groping her.

Birdsal claims the incident occurred back in 2016 at the singer’s home when she went to retrieve her salad spinner. Birdsal says he made comments about her outfit (tank top and shorts) and groped her breasts until she demanded him to stop.


A rep for Seal told TMZ in a statement that the singer denies the allegations, claiming that Seal “intends to vigorously defend himself.” Previously he called out Oprah over her friendship with Harvey Weinstein, the film producer who has been widely accused of sexual assault over the past year.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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