Okolie To Chamberlain: Face Reality

Lawrence Okolie has promised to knock Isaac Chamberlain back to reality when they face on Saturday.

The pair had to be separated at their final press conference, as they made threats they intend to carry out in the ring.

Chamberlain is desperate to secure a win and will do so at any cost, and Okolie has promised to expose the Londoner’s weaknesses at The O2.

“It’s all about believing in myself,” said Okolie. “Isaac has got people like [trainer] Ted [Bami] lying to him. He’s got strength and conditioning lying to him, he’s got friends around him that aren’t really his friends, lying to him.

“Over all of that time, building him up to the point where you look at reality and then you have to look at just make believe.

“The reality is Isaac and Ted talking about power, stoppages, so on and so forth. I actually look back and I watch Isaac’s fights and I watch the reality standing in front of me, and I think his strategy to stop people is the same every single time.

“The problem with Isaac and Ted is that they are planning on winning this fight on what I don’t do well. It’s not Isaac’s so good, it’s Lawrence is going to get tired late, or Lawrence is going to make this mistake or that mistake.

“If Isaac’s got power, we will find out. If I’ve got power, we’ll find out and we’ll see who is going to be able to take whose shots and who isn’t.”


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