OAP Shade Ladipo Reacts To Paddy Adenuga’s Viral Post In A Thought Provoking Way And It’s A Must Read

Popular OAP, Shade Ladipo has slammed businessman and son of billionaire father, Dr. Mike Adenuga over his public post about how he almost bought Chevron Oil at the age of 29.

The OAP took to Twitter to write a series of post about her thoughts about the open letter Paddy released.

She said, “I wonder what that article by Paddy was trying to achieve …. it reeked of entitlement and privilege Swiss village Townhouse in London Nicolas Lavrov I’m laughing because in his mind this is a success story based on his own achievements”.

Paddy Adenuga had written the open letter to share his story of how he almost bought Chevron for $50million and his other achievements at a young age. That Shade Ladipo is not buying, saying his connections got him there.

Read her tweets about it.

source: Twitter


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