Mr Dutch drops single’s video on Val’s day

South Africa-based Nigerian singer, Bright Ukpabi, aka Mr. Dutch, has found a perfect timing for his sophomore single’s video “She Wants” which he dropped on all premium music sites yesterday, being St. Valentine’s Day.

The Afro-pop artiste has made a mark on the South African music scene as a record label executive and artiste manager says it is time to replicate his success in Nigeria.

According to the act, the release of the video on St. Valentine’s Day was meant to give lovers something to spice up their romantic expression.

“It is a love song but I am using the street lyrics to express love for an African woman in a way that everyone can relate to with a slow tempo, RnB, afro-pop feel. The inspiration came from praising the African woman because all around the world African women are known to have beautiful bodies. unlike other women around the world who undergo all sorts of surgery to acquire jaw dropping bodily endowments, African women possess the most attractive feminine endowments and body structure in the world which why I don’t mind spending my money just to appreciate them. Basically, I’m passing a message to African women telling them how beautiful they are, appreciating them because they have the best physique and body structure compared to other women around the world ,” he said.

Continuing, he said, “She Wants’ is the music I’m dropping for Valentine; I have another song with Burna Boy coming up soon also. Burna has been very helpful; he has been helping me all along.”

Mr Dutch disclosed that “She Wants” video is a creation of Dutch Dreams Records, masterfully produced by Kiddominant with a classic performance visuals directed by SOS.

He noted that the Nigerian music industry has an edge over South Africa’s industry when he said: “The South African music style is more of house music and hip-hop; it is beautiful but it cannot export itself globally the way Nigerian music does. Although there are people that listen to these songs, but then it cannot break boundaries. Now the secret has been determined, most South African musicians are now doing music with Nigerian artistes; they are joining forces together to push the music across the globe. For example DJ Maphorisa and Wizkid’s ‘Soweto Baby’ went across the globe; it was one of the biggest songs that time and it won an MTV award.”

source: Thenation


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