“You look like a local masquerade with a coat of many colors, Stop being a public nuisance” – Uche Maduagwu blasts Bobrisky

Self acclaimed biggest actor in Nollywood, Uche Maduagwu has yet again slammed Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky for being in his own words a nuisance.

The controversial actor in his latest post on Instagram asked Bobrisky stop acting like a girl because in a million years, he would never be one.

He wrote on IG:

”Stop being a Public nuisance, you can never become a girl with this your Masquerade & fearful look…😃😀 @bobrisky222 What’s your problem sef? Today you are asking @davidoofficial out, tomorrow is @wizkidayo now i heard you’ve graduated into asking @iam_kcee to come and pay your BRIDE price,💰 as what? are you mad? As in, is there a long term business contract between you and madness that you are hiding from us? If i talk now @bobrisky222 will open that his/her komkom mouth to say “I’m stupid”, but is it not better to be stupid than being exceedingly and abundantly mad unnecessarily?😃😀😁 I know of a couple living in Enugu who have been looking for a male child for the past 6 years now, and I’m sure so many families in Nigeria pray and fast seriously just to have a Male child, and here we have @bobrisky222 trying all manner of experiments with female “bend down select” Yaba clothes,👗👗 and doing all his possible best just to look like a girl, is that not organic or home grown madness? @bobrisky222 even if people are deceiving you that you’re gradually evolving into a pretty girl, can’t you talk some common sense into your destiny to stop allowing your imagination grow unnecessary wings?😃😀😁my dear, you look like a local masquerade with a coat of many colors, and not a girl.😃😀😁 #repost #pics #quote #instapic #beautiful #love #nollywood #actor #blogger #instagram #share #Mua #smile #pretty #body #tgif #fashion #lagos #blog #event #model #film #abuja #Uk #London #Nigeria #follow #picture #bride #cool

source: Instagram


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