Lady Brutally Attacked By Robbers In Lagos Traffic Allegedly Caused By Bribe-seeking Policemen (Photos)

A young Nigerian lady identified simply as Zzini White (@zziniwhite), has taken to her Instagram page and narrated how she was attacked by armed robbers on Friday in Lagos traffic, and cried out to the appropriate authorities to ensure maximum security in the state.

She shared the photos on her page revealing that she was attacked by robbers, during a traffic jam which was actually caused by Policemen, who were collecting their normal N100 bribe from Taxis.

Although she’s recovering, but she sustained lots of injuries, and the thieves carted away with her valuables, the worst part is that, the police did nothing about it, they were even dazed and lost at the scene.

“I’m fine now but last night was a nightmare. 

My Country, My Lagos which way Na? 

The most shocking thing is the police were around, no that’s not it, the most shocking thing is realizing they were actually the cause of the traffic jam we were in at the time of the attack because they were extorting money from motorist and truck Drivers.

@akinwunmiambode @policenglagos @aleeygiwa please something has to be done urgently, the rate of robbery, harassment, physical damage and assault that is been meted out on innocent and unsuspecting Lagosians around that mile 2 axis is alarming. 

I was lucky they only succeeded in taking personal belongings and not a life, someone else might not be so lucky next time because trust me if nothing is done asap there will be more incidents like this. 

The @policenglagos Is supposed to be protecting us but they’re endangering us because of their greed. 

#protectnotendanger #keepthewolvesawaynotfeedustothem.”

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