Incredible: Checkout This Million-Dollar Wedding Cake Made In The Form Of An Arabian Bride (Photos)

A million-dollar cake made in the form of an Arabian bride, has been unveiled, sending a feeling of surprise in the minds of viewers.

The cake. Photo credit: Reuters

Debbie Wingham, a celebrity baker made a million-dollar wedding cake in the form of an Arabian bride. 

Reuters reports that Debbie Wingham made the cake which is being described as one of the most expensive, most detailed cakes ever made at the UAE.

The cake is worth $1 million and is edible from head to toe. The cake bride’s dress, the body, the pearls, everything is edible.

The six-foot-tall cake took more than 10 days to make and weighs 220 pounds. The cake bride was unveiled at the BRIDE show at Dubai World Trade Centre.

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