“I Trained Myself To Stay Away From Scandal..” – Actress Eniola Ajao

One of the hottest new talents in Nollywood recently spoke with Mercyflawless Blog via a phone interview. The actress and movie producer who also revealed she is a twin talked about her relationship with actor Odunlade Adekola, her movies, education and background. Read excerpts from our more one hour (yep, you know I can crack the hardest nut) phone interview below…

Who is Eniola Ajao?
As you know, Eniola Taiwo Ajao is an actress, a twin from a family of six, we (the twins) are the last born and we are from Epe in Lagos State. I am single but not available (I was warned not to press further for answers…lol)

Is your twin sister an actress too?
No, she is a banker

Why did you choose to become an actress?
I have always had passion for acting but my dad was not in support of it because he wanted me to go to school. He never stopped me from acting but he adviced me to go school even if I want to act. I ventured into acting in 2004 while I was looking for admission in Yaba Tech. I left the industry in 2006 as soon as I gained admission to read accountancy. After my OND, I took a little break, started my degree program at Unilag in 2009, and came back to the movie industry in 2010. I read accountancy at the University of Lagos and finished my degree in 2015.

How were you able to combine schooling and acting?
There was ups and downs while combining the two. I must confess, it was not easy but I was determined to go through with it, irrespective of the challenges.

Did acting affect your concentration in school?
It didn’t affect me because I separated my acting life from my education. And my friends do carry me along if there is any assignment in class; they get me informed and I make sure I submit my assignments before deadline. While in school, I saw myself as every other person and not as a celebrity.

We know you shoot in Abeokuta a lot, do you live in Abeokuta?
No, I live in Badore, Ajah Lagos but I do travel to Abeokuta to shoot movies most times.

Is Odunlade Adekola your boss?
Yes he is my boss. When I came back to the movie industry in 2010, he was the first person I met and he adviced me to be under someone’s tutelage if I want to go far in the movie industry. So I joined his group and that was how he became my boss in the movie industry.

How many movies have you feautured in and produced so far?
I have produced three movies so far. Daramola, Erin Oni and Eniola. I have featured in Saamu Alajo, Ase Oro, Ade Ori, Bola Gobe, Alani Pamolekun to mention a few.

Why did you give your third movie Eniola as a title?
The movie had different title from the beginning but Eniola was named by the man who played the role of a pastor in the movie. He felt the title worked more with the story line. The story was written by Odunlade Adekola.

Many people believed you are dating your boss Odunlade Adekola because you act together often, could you please clarify that?

I am not dating him. Odunlade Adekola is a married man and I am not the only female actress close to him or under his tutelage. Bukola Adeeyo, Biola Adekunle and even Tunde Owokoniran is also close to him. We are one big family. Besides, he is happily married with kids.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself as a successful actress and a movie producer. I believe I will go places.

A lot of people believe you are a snob?
I am a very gentle person. I don’t party and I don’t go out. I just like my space. (Are you shy?) Lol… Yes, I am shy and I only talk when there is a camera in front of me. I do camera roll, cut, action.

What is your relationship with your colleagues?
I have cordial relationship with everyone in the industry. I love my company so much and my name is very important to me, so, I purposely trained myself to stay away from any form of drama or scandal. But I have few close friends outside the industry.

What is the secret of your radiating beauty?
I don’t have any beauty routine. I use jergens lotion and I don’t use any bleaching cream.


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