I Have My Own Money! – South African Lady Looking For A Hot Nigerian Boyfriend Online (Photos)


Maris Semeri

A young lady identified as Mpho Maris Semeri, from Kimberley, Northern Cape area of South Africa, has taken to a Nigerian-South African Facebook page on Tuesday night in search of a cute Nigerian man who is heavily endowed below.

She posted her photo and wrote: “Gudnyt every1 am cynthia in kimberley n am looking 4 a nigerian hot guy in kimberley plz inbox me.”


“I dnt want your money coz i have mine all I need is love and a big dick dats all,” she further explained.

As her post emerged online, some ladies on the group, including Nigerians insulted her and called her unpalatable names, and she replied them.

“Wit due respect am nt here 2 hv fun bt am lookin 4 love nt 2 b judged by any1 so if u cnt gve me love dan y bother tlking 2 me if he is meant 4 me he wil 2 me coz i dnt wnt 2 b rude am a very honest gal wu diserves 2 loved n nt b cal a magosha if i ws a magosho i would hv jst said it so dnt tak me wrong i also hv feeling so ladie’s am nt here 2 tak ur men i wnt my own.”

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