Female Student Removes Her Trousers Before Fighting With Fellow Pupil (Photos)

A teenage girl was filmed in a brawl without her trousers on after taking them off because they were “too tight to fight in”. The bizarre footage was shared online and shows the students screaming and pulling each other’s hair while smashing into a trophy cabinet at West Memphis High School, Arkansas, this week.

An eyewitness, who did not want to be named, explained that the reason one of the girl’s was half-naked was because she had pulled her bottoms off to fight.

The source told WREG: “The girl was like, ‘My pants is tight, let me take them off.”

They added that the argument may have stemmed from a dispute over some sort of relationship.

Both of the girls were arrested after coming to blows in the school’s gym and the incident remains under investigation.

The witness added: “She got cuts on her arm a little bit from the glass falling on her arm.

“We was in the gym by ourselves. All the students, no grown people.”

There has been increased police presence at the school since the incident on Thursday.

Source – Nationalhelm


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