Daddy Freeze Reacts To Lord’s Chosen Church Testimony

The news making round on the internet now is a testimony given in a Lord’s Chosen Church.

A woman came out and said since she bought Lord’s Chosen Church sticker and pasted it on her gas, she hasn’t refilled the gas for more than 3 years.

The testimony has already sparked a little bit of outrage on social media as many Nigerians make fun of it, including Daddy Freeze himself.

Freeze shared the testimony and commented as follows…



Source: Naijaloaded


  1. you doubt? then simply attend to one of their crusade to verify for yourself. stop speaking from a hole over what you heard. take a verification move to the church.

  2. For those of u who are doubting Thomas’s, Elijah told the woman go and prepare first for me and then for u and ur son. And the meal lasted until rain came down on israel. Christ told them at the feast fill these drums with water and then go and take again the drink from the drums . Christ said u will do more than me b/cos I go to the father shortly but u are here. So why do u think it is impossible?


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