How CeeBi, MiNa, LoTo escaped Sunday’s eviction

The second most controversial pair in the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) house; Cee-C and Tobi (CeeBi) has been saved in the competition.

This is a departure from the expectation of many who found distasteful, the relationship between the two who have taken their strategic partnership into romance mode. Cee-C has also been criticised for being rude and unfriendly, while Tobi is considered weak in the light of his soft spot and tolerance for Cee-C’s excesses.

If the initial nominations were not cancelled by Big Brother who eventually put up the eight pairs that were not covered by immunity, the table had put the trio of MiNa, CeBi and LoTo as the least liked set by fellow housemates, and they would have been the major targets by fans during last week’s voting exercise.

Going by how fans voted last week, CeeBi would have been the first among the three to be evicted having scored 13.5 percent as against 15.2 percent scored by LoTo. LoTo could have been evicted second going by MiNa’s score of 28.5 percent, being the highest overall.

Reading through displayed comments by fans on the show on the BBNaija channel on DStv and GOtv, one would wonder how Tobi who started so well in the competition has become a subject of ridicule. His ‘offence’ is how much romantic attention he is giving to Cee-C to the detriment of his interaction with other housemates and the kind of entertainment the fans hope to get from unrestrained camaraderie. But Cee-C has joined him in her seeming exclusive lifestyle, and he must explain and plead to her each time he strayed outside her hold.

Interestingly, the social media has been agog with memes of Tobi, depicting him as a weakling, just as one of the housemates described him as the Biblical Samson, and Cee-C as Delilah.

This season, the housemates are playing in pairs, thus If a housemate gets a reward or punishment, the partner is also at the receiving end.

The strength of the pair of Teddy A and Bambam (BamTeddy) showed in the result, as they came second place with 21.6 percent of the votes cast.

However, those affected by the eviction are Princess and Bitto (PriTo) with 3.5 percent vote, and Vandora and Dee-One (VanDee) with 2.98 percent.

Earlier, Khloe and K.Brule (KSquare) were disqualified after inuring three strikes for violating the House rules.

source: Thenation


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