Black Panther’s Mbaku Facing Controversy over White Girlfriend

Winston Duke, an actor in the film “Black Panther” who played M’Baka  has gotten some heat over his choice of mate.

Duke is currently in a serious relationship with a with an American-Asian woman called Meesh and he has been called out by some people who believe he sold out.

Until now, Duke had kept his love life out of the spotlight, but as the role of Mbaku brought him out to the world, so also were his personal relationships brought to light and not everyone was cool with the fact that he is dating a white lady.

A similar fate befell Michael B. Jordan who played ‘Killmonger’. It was discovered that he is in a relationship with a white lady named Ashlyn Castro and while there was support, there were also those unhappy with his choice of partner.

For both Duke and Jordan though, most of the reaction to their girlfriends was disappointment that they were ‘off the market’

Some on social media attempted to get the Black community to boycott the movie, but others were able to see the much bigger picture, and the attempted boycott flopped.

Below are pictures of Winston Duke and his rumoured girlfriend Meesh.



Source – Herald


  1. this article is very misleading and dangerous. first of all your headline states he has a white girlfriend when winston’s girlfriend is an asian american. second you are depicting the black community, particulary black women as obsseive and crazy for insinuating that they wanted to boycott the movie because of his choice of parter? where are the tweets to back this claim up? and how many people actually tweeted this? this article is harmful because it promotes stereotypes about angry black women. please take it down asap.

  2. Anyone can date whatever shade they want. People who think it’s news or an issue at all are racists. Also… pretty sure it’s none of anyone’s business.


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