“Black Panther Is An Overhyped Movie” – Daddy Freeze Blows Hot

Hmm! The Freezy freezy daddy has come again! but this time it’s not for pastors, tithes and offerings.

The media personality seems not smitten by the movie making waves ‘ Black Panther’.

Daddy Freeze who may soon face severe backlash by Black Panther fans shared a photo of an American who had not so nice words to say about the so much talked about movie and wrote a caption which basically stated that the all black cast movie is overhyped.

The leader of the Free the steeple movement wrote;

”She is right, the overhyped movie is neither promoting black culture nor adding any significant value to us… They are using our sentiments to cash in, while the real money makers are the producers, the marketers and the financier….. and they ain’t us! ~FRZ.”

About Freeze facing backlash, we all know he’s not one to back down on controversy, it’d be right to say he’s the king of Nigerian controversy.

Notwithstanding, what do y’all that have seen the movie think?


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