BBNaija: 7 Lessons Nigerian Girls Should Learn From the Tobi&Cee-C Drama

We can’t forget in a hurry, how Tobi was the subject of ridicule for being the ‘begger’ of the year to a woman he likes. Fans called Cee-C all sorts of names for having Tobi in her palm. However, Tobi has manned up and fans are saying he should forgive her while also blaming Cee-C for taking advantage of a man’s love. Well, here are lessons that Nigerian girls must learning from this BBnaija couple.

1.Don’t be a nagging wife

2.Don’t let a good man go

3.Don’t give a man everything to early

4.When you love someone let them know don’t treat them like a trash

5.Appreciate what you have while you can

6.Be more than just sex

7.Don’t lock the whole world out because of your relationship because you never know how it ends


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