BB Naija 2018: Here Is What Deeone Did After Rejecting Ahneeka’s Pairing Proposal

There was slight drama in the BB Naija house yesterday, January 30 after Deeone rejected Ahnneka’s pairing proposal.

Dee-One has however apologised to her but didn’t really give her a reason why he rejected her. He was however, able to quell the raging sea inside her with a few chuckles and some kind words.

The housemates on Wednesday entered a pairing game in the house in which the female housemates were asked to pick numbers after which they were told to choose a male partner each.

The male housemates in return had the choice to either accept or reject the ladies as they approached.

Acceptance meant that the female housemate would receive a flower from the male housemate.

However, there was slight drama as Ahneeka was turned down by Dee one as he refused to give her the flower.

This generated an uproar in the house after the game as Ahneeka felt embarrassed sitting alone on her bed.

He said he didn’t reject her intentionally as he had no idea it was the permanent pairing section but thought it was just a game.

“I am sorry I feel bad, I just thought the flower thing was like a game.

Many of the Housemates got to gossiping out the unexpected rejection. Everyone was shocked at her reaction but also pondered on how this will affect the voting because we all know there is nothing more vicious than a woman scorned.

See screenshot of the full pairing below;

source: Stargist


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