Angry Masquerade Mercilessly Flogs Lord’s Chosen Members In Broad Daylight (Video)

The masquerade attacked the Lord’s Chosen church members

An angry masquerade has descended heavily on helpless members of the Lord’s Chosen church on evangelism flogging them mercilessly in the process.

The sad incident said to have happened in the eastern part of the country reportedly took place yesterday in broad daylight. The incident caused traffic holdup in the area.

It was gathered that trouble started after the masquerades had encountered many members of the Lord’s Chosen church allegedly blocking their route.

The Lord’s chosen members who were many in number had reportedly taken a good portion of the road which left nothing for other road users. Irked by the development, one of the masquerades unhappy that the ‘spirits’ have not been respected lost his cool and began whipping members of the church.

Many were seen falling inside the bush as the masquerade went berserk. The incident has left many people shocked. Online users also condemned the masquerade over its violent display.

Watch video below:

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