Advice Column: I Can’t Marry Her but Sex With Her Is a Blast

I met this girl around November last year at a friend Bachelor’s eve party. At first, she seemed like one of those girls who wouldn’t give you a second look not to talk of her number. But she didn’t just give me a second look, she gave me her number and her body on that first day.

Let’s blame it on the alcohol but something about the way she gave it to me that night showed that she has either done it with multiple guys or was trying too hard to please me. But I loved it. I picked her the next day after work, had dinner at a fancy place and suggested to drop her at home which she refused saying she’d rather go to mine. I quickly texted bae that I would be crashing at a friend’s place which was very close to my office because I had an early morning meeting the next day, and I couldn’t risk been late. Bae said OK and that was how I took her to my place and we had sex all night.

You would think, she’d be tired by morning but when I woke her up again at 6am, I banged her again for the 8th time. And that’s how she’s been giving it to me. Then last week, she said it was her mom’s birthday, that I should come so I could meet her whole family. She actually thinks she is the only woman in my life.

I went, met her decent looking family. They were all so nice to me and here I am, thinking in my head ‘slow down people, I’m only with her for the sex’. Since after the party, she has become annoyingly clingy and loving. I bet she thought I would pop the question yesterday, because  I had to shuttle between quickly seeing bae at lunch time then her in the evening. I feel like I love just the sex but something within me says its more. I find myself spending more time with her than bae and can’t imagine leaving her now.

Bae is getting suspicious and always asking me FBI questions. Our introduction is at the end of February. I love my girl but I can’t lose the other girl. What should I do?


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