Advice Column: My Bestie Slept With My Man, Should I Sleep With Her Dad As Revenge?

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I’m a morally upright person and I don’t care if you want to judge. I dated my man for six years faithfully. Giving him every ounce of me. I love him so much and would never have thought for one second, he’d play me like this. My friend and I on the other hand are like sisters. She sometimes spends days at my house and same as me.

Her parents treat me like a second daughter they never had and my folks love her too. Recently, my man and I had started to plan for our wedding. Talking of seeing my parents by Feb ending. I was so glad, I was finally close to spending the rest of my life with this man.

But y’all know how such a bitch life is, I was just minding my business. washing his clothes last weekend when I saw a pack of condom in his pocket. I was furious because we never ever use condoms. I wanted to straight up ask him but something within me advised me not to. I started keeping close watch on him. Then God heard my prayer or should say he shouldn’t have because the realisation was too painful. I was  taking a nap in his house yesterday, when his phone rang. He probably thought I was sleeping as he proceeded into the bathroom to take the call.

I quickly followed and I heard him arranging for a date with someone on the phone. He said something about her being too sweet and he hasn’t been able to concentrate since Tuesday and can wait to be deep inside her again. I rushed back to lie down – Later, I pretended to have just woken up and he started telling me of how he would be hanging out with his friends later. I said it was OK and that I needed to go home to because I have to drive my mom to church tomorrow.

I acted like I needed to put a call through to mum and I ran out of airtime so I asked him for his phone. He was kind of hesitant but he gave me anyways. I took the last number and dialed it on my phone. It was my best friend’s number. I couldn’t believe it. I sha called my mom and told her I was on my way home.

I left his place and drove straight to my friend’s house, who was all dressed up heading somewhere. I asked her straight up why she was sleeping with my boyfriend. She denied and I snatched her phone immediately. We have always known each other’s password but her phone had a new password so I couldn’t open it. Held on to the phone and not too long after he called, I picked and he said he was there already, where was she?

I don’t intent to breakup with my boyfrienf for sleeping with my former bestie but I want to pay her back in her own coin. I know her pervert of a dad has had an eye on me since he met me. Should I sleep with him just to hurt her? I need advice.



  1. Vengeance solves nothing, believe me had a sister who ruined what she had because of something similar to yours. I think the best thing like most comments suggests is to let her be and have a conversation with you man and because vengeance won’t make u feel any better.


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