Actress Victoria Inyama Calls Her Husband a ‘Psychotic Beast’, Says He’s Refused to Divorce Her

Victoria Inyama has opened up about her marital battles.

Posting on her Facebook recently, the Nollywood actress revealed the mental and physical abuse she has endured, how her husband now has a live-in-lover and still refused to agree to a divorce, how the law has yet to work in her favour.

“What’s on my mind hmmmmmmmm. Happy to be alive. Healthy. Getting better. Brighter. Standing up for myself, regardless of d demon in human form that I have to deal with,” she began, adding that she employed the services of a “Legion lawyer”, however, things are yet to work out as she wants.

She went further to describe her husband as a “Psychotic beast with his Never ending drama,” and when a fan commiserated with her, she went on to add, “The bondage is sickening and all his legal antics. They saw the law is fair but not when he manipulates it like he does. He has a live in lover and still won’t divorce me! He assaulted me yesterday and for the first time, I called the police on his.”

This is the first time the actress would be speaking about her marital issues. Fans are hoping she will get justice soon.

Read the exchange:

Source – Olisa


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