Actress Uchenna Ubah blasts Daddy freeze, calls him a ‘nagging she-man

Nollywood actress, Uchenna Ubah has slammed Daddy Freeze, who said that people who stick to her statement of ‘women are not complete without marriage’ are still living in slavery.

Daddy Freeze wrote;

Bescumbered statements like these, are the eminent bane inimical to the advancement of slavery, both mental and physical.

It will be unlettered of us to adopt the assumption, leaning upon this statement, that Oprah Winfrey, Linda Ikeji and mother Teresa are incomplete, simply because of their marital status.

I hereby implore all women, to undertake the task of standing firmly against statements like these, or bear the consequences of slavery!

In another vein, is her attire and posture in this picture delineating the true values of the Igbo culture? I’ll suggest not! ~FRZ

Reacting to Daddy Freee’s statement, Uchenna Ubah wrote;

Pride , Arrogance and Ego is our own women definition of Feminism …..I pity all of una … Definitely I know u ll reply this because you are nothing but “a bitter nagging She-man ”
I’m still single, and will get married one day ….it’s very essential


source: Gistreel


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