“Wizkid should have used the N400m to help 400 unemployed youths instead of buying a watch” — Nigerian Guy

Starboy, Wizkid yesterday, broke the internet, after he showed off a $1.2 million diamond encrusted wristwatch… Though he didn’t indicate if he actually purchased the multi-million naira watch, but folks are assuming he did.. Like why can’t he?!

“Aii okay, Trying to go big boy on you niggas! $1.2 for you!” We heard him saying in the video!


Not impressed by his “latest addition”, a social media commenter & blogger, Soledoye Oluwaseun said Wizkid should have used the “over 400 million” to elevate about 400 unemployed Nigerians from poverty… By giving them 1 million naira each.

Soledoye Oluwaseun.

He wrote; “Wizkid you for don use the N400m you used for wrist watch to help 400 unemployed youths startup real biz.”

Some reactions to his post reads:

therealpinkee_: “Special adviser.The ones that won’t teach u how to make money but will teach u how to spend ur own money🙄.Bring out only 20k nd bless some homeless or hungry people too.Be waiting for someone’s 400+ million naira😂,baba calculate am to naira🤣.”

fullstackmafia: “The 400 youths are mad… don’t go and help yourselves… wait there”

uju_edinbus: “Is it ur money! So after singing up and down. Jumping on stage like a monkey, he cannot buy himself whatever he wants abi? Don’t ever tell my wizkid wat to do with his money again!”

klotemple: “U did not ask ur Gucci shoe loving president and power bike collector president s son for empowerment instead of Gucci and Kawasaki it’s honest working men u are trolling . May the god of work empower u to demonstrate and vote in 2019.”

dqnadiya: “So what u mean is, what he works so hard for should not go on him because it’s too expensive ohh but he shld give to others to prove himself yeah! We are just pathetic nowadays!!! #onhisownsweat tsiupssss. Like he doesn’t help pple in other ways🙄🙄”

thequeenima: “When the poor boy was hustling and sleeping in studios, please where were you??? Oya, you have three square meals abi? Why not cut it down to one so that you can feed the homeless on the street?”


  1. The last time I checked wizkid is no president or governor of any country or state… That should be the work of our leaders.

  2. u r right but if there is good governance, u wouldn’t have think abt that…He has hustle for his money..achievement in live is turn by turn..

  3. ##Make Una leave Baba_Nla ooh…
    Una dey follow am hustle…….. You day talk “help 400youth how many youth buhari don’t help??? Wizkid Chop life jor….
    Make Gid bless ma hustle ma still chop life like Baba_Nla ooh…. Lok

  4. Wizzy pls buy what ever you want to buy, but remember buhari is coming again o! So save for buhari’s second tenor we don’t know what it will be this time, it maybe twice of what we are seeing now. so save for rainy days no pretend like say nothing happen o!
    Save! Save!! Save o!$1.2m ke!

  5. Tell me why kidnapping, arm robbers, Yahoo boys, ritualist and so on would stop in this country when celebrities are spending money in the night clubs buying of expenses wears. There are the once pushing Nigeria youth today because every Nigerian wants to look big too without working there wants to look famous too like celebraties. Let’s assume that most musicians renders help to the Nigeria youth and also join hands together and build this nation with our government, tell me what would have become of this country instead there are being traveling abroad to another man’s country investing and spending a lot of money there

  6. why are you guys criticizing the boy. when tour government ate spending more than this in foreign countries. to me he can do whatever he like with the money he worked for. so you guys should face those that hide their money underground


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