Wife Material: The Best Places To Find Them

For the men who are ready to settle down in 2018, there’s good news for you; we know where to find your perfect “iyawo”! Note; I’m not saying these are the ONLY places but, these are definite yard-sticks for finding your dream woman. More often than not, experiences and several love stories have shown that some things happen with more regularity than others. So, Yes you can find love in unusual places, we bring you our top four places that we’re hopeful will be the best place to start from.

Young couple having coffee — Image by © Mika/Corbis

1. Religious gatherings

Whether in the church or the mosque, there’s never a short supply of decent ladies. Many people have deprives themselves of the opportunities because of shallow mentalities like; Religiousness is pretense and the rest of the dung they choose to believe. Honestly, there are also the best in this gatherings o. Try the weekly activities. That’s where the serious ones show. Wink!

2. Game’s night/ Mutual friend Outings

We have those friends that assume the role of match maker. They are God-sent in disguise. Apart from the sure fun you’re gonna have, its also an added plus as you’ll meet the boo in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere. It is easier to have a starting conversation too. don’t you think?

2. Weddings

We definitely know these one never fails at all. Every one in ten couples met at a wedding of friend or a friend’s friend. Oga, its no secret that this is one event the singe ladies look forward to. That is, apart from coming for the delicious jollof. So “huncu” the next time you’re invited for a wedding, do not hesitate to go cause; you just may meet the love of your life. Just don’t forget your amour; the delectable agbada. P.S: iron it to perfection.

3. The Office

You have to admit that there is something very attractive about a young woman who doesn’t just work for her money but is a boss at it! Oga she is an asset than a liabilty. how do I know?; Apaprt from the likelihood that she’ll learn to value yours because she makes her own money, she most likely going to be a financial support. That’s the perfect type of wife material that men are seeking in modern marriages. Don’t You Think?


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