This Man Took Steroids Just To Look Good For His Wedding…What Happened Next Is Shocking (Photos)

Mark and Sarita Egan with their children Dean, 11, Ryan, 8, Callum, 5 and Amy, 2

A widow has spoken out about the dangers of steroid use after her addict husband committed suicide.

Dad-of-four Mark Egan had hoped to bulk up before his wedding day in July 2013 but became hooked on the drug.

Grieving wife Sarita said he struggled to stop taking the drug after his honeymoon and found himself suffering from the side effects of withdrawal.

Mechanic Mark, from Dublin, Ireland reached out for help from his local GP, but his wife claims he was stuck on the waiting list for two years.

He took his own life in June 2017 after experiencing multiple episodes of psychosis.

Sarita said: “Mark started using steroids in the build up to our wedding.

“He had always taken care of himself, eaten well and worked out, but he wanted to bulk up and look good for our wedding and our honeymoon.

“It’s something that’s devastated our family – I miss Mark every day and I want people to know the lasting effects that using steroids can have.”

Mark was a loving father to their four children, Dean, 11, Ryan 8, Calum, 5 and two-year-old daughter Amy.

The children were heartbroken by his death and Sarita says that after he passed away they would cry themselves to sleep.

She added: “His life was taken over by steroid addiction, just because he was trying to look good for his wedding.

“He worked so hard to keep functioning and in the end it just wasn’t possible.

“Everyone knows that cocaine and heroin are bad for you but for steroids it seems like there’s no warning.

“He had severe headaches; he would wake in the middle of the night and squeezes his head from the pain.

“He didn’t feel able to function at time properly as his head just didn’t feel right.

“He ended up being on that waiting list for two years and around a week before he passed away he started experiencing psychosis.

“Seeing him experience psychosis was hardest thing I ever witnessed.”

It was during one distressing episode Mark tragically committed suicide.

Sarita said: “If he had got help when he first asked the GP, or if we’d have known how bad steroids can be then things would have been so much different.

“If this can help just one person, then I know sharing his story will have been worth it – because I wouldn’t wish for any family to have to go through this.

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