What secular artiste must do to feature in my song –Tomi Favour

While most gospel artistes frown on featuring secular artistes in their songs; for popular gospel artiste, Tomi Favour, it is not a problem. However, she attached a condition to that possibility.

She told Saturday Beats, “I can feature a secular artiste only if their message is proclaiming the word of God; if they are saved and they acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord. But if that is not the message, light and darkness have no business working together.

“Money is not the issue. The message is. And unless the secular artiste is ready to sing about Jesus, or hear me sing about Jesus in their song, light and darkness have no business working together. If it were simply an instrumental, then often many artists regardless of their personal moral values can work on music. No one is hearing them. It is just the instrument like in an orchestra for a movie soundtrack.”

She told Saturday Beats that even though gospel music was not fetching her money, she was not fazed.

The US-based singer said, “I can’t speak for someone else or the entire gospel music industry. From my own experience, gospel music has not been lucrative. I spend money and work very hard to do what I do. I don’t really get paid but it doesn’t bother me too much because I don’t do it for the money.

“Of course, it would be nice if I become wealthy from doing what I love to do in the name of Jesus. But so far, I invest more in myself. I give away my talents and gifts freely.

“There are days when I’m tempted to be discouraged or wonder why I am pushing myself or pressuring my finances to do music outside of my nursing career. But I know it is my calling. So, I proceed with thanksgiving. Even when churches invite me to minister, many don’t consider paying. It is a service and it is not seen as a job; even though, you work hard to be where you are. It has not been lucrative.

“But I’m doing something that pleases God. I continue despite the hardships. According to God’s plan, whatever will happen will happen. As long as God is pleased with me and I make heaven, I know He will reward me. And He occasionally sends miracles through people that love Him to be a blessing to my life. But that’s only once in a while.”

Speaking on her recently released album, the singer said that she was overwhelmed by the positive feedback she had been receiving so far.

She has so far released two albums.

The singer said, “The response to my first album was an unexpected blessing to me. I produced it myself and was nervous about the quality, thinking it might not be well received.

“But several lives have been blessed by it. I still get messages from people about certain songs, specifically ministering to them. The response to the second album has also been amazing as lives have also been blessed. It is encouraging to me because I get messages from people about a song, which is speaking to their minds; their situations and helping them worship God from time to time. The words make sense to them.”

source: Punch


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