Nigerian Based Cameroonian artist, hit Huddah’s rant about Nigerians with Nigerian Based Cameroonian artist, delivers epic response to Huddah’s rant about Nigerians

A Nigerian-based Cameroonian Artiste, @its_cameey has reacted to Huddah Monroe’s thought about Nigerians.

Recall Huddah earlier this morning, urged other Africans not to listen to Nigerian Music. In her rants, she wrote;

“Nigerians don’t even listen and support other African artists music unless it’s collaboration which artists from other countries pay so much for them to be in their songs. We the rest of AFRICA we should just boycott. Be your brothers keeper.”

In response to her, he wrote: “As a Cameroonian who’s lived in Nigeria for quite a while I can confidently tell you one thing about Nigerians and that is the fact that if a Nigerian likes or dislikes something you would definitely know. Nigerians don’t mince words with you, they confidently tell it how they see it and that’s one unique quality about them I admire deeply.”

“Nigerians no send if your papa na Obama. Also the will to survive against all odds is deeply engrained in their DNA and this accounts for their global successes cuz Nigerians NEVER EVER GIVE UP!! I have received immense love and support from Nigerians following the release of my single last year, regardless of my nationality, so you’re very wrong about them Huddah Monroe. You’d definitely love Nigerians if you “Come Closer” *in wizzy’s voice. Spread love. #OneAfrica.”


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