Adebayo Bankole Thomas popularly known as ‘Bankole Thomas’ is gradually becoming Africa’s preferred wedding suit designer. With brand recognition being one of the difficult things to attain in an industry with so many talented designers, Bankole Thomas has carved a niche for himself within a short period of time.

Though he started out as an associate chartered accountant, his passion and love for fashion drove him to creating his own Fashion brand known as Bankole Thomas.

The Bankole Thomas Brand signature exudes confidence and class while drawing his inspiration from God, nature and current trends in fashion. His designs are edgy, vibrant and androgynous; perfect for both male and female which is why he is currently changing the game in the wedding industry with his wedding suits. The Bankole Thomas suit features exquisite designs with quality fabric tailored to match the personae of each individual groom bearing in mind local and foreign culture.

Notable Celebrities have been spotted wearing Bankole Thomas. They include; Falz the bahd guy, Vector, Emmaohmygod, Kennyblaq and a host of others. He also styled popular Nigerian singer Ortisefemi for his wedding in November, 2017.

Bankole Thomas has not only won the hearts of the local community but has attained a solid international presence as well. With upcoming collections and collaborations in London, Dubai, South Africa and Paris, Bankole Thomas is set to showcase Nigeria to the world at large and hopefully create an avenue for young budding fashion entrepreneurs.

“My creative process begins with illustrations, sketches, and draping fabric on a mannequin and it creates the pattern. I believe I bring a unique and different approach to fashion. My designs are not too extravagant, but stylish and glamorous for anyone. My wedding suits are designed for the modern man who wants to look trendy but comfortable for their wedding. A happy and contented groom is the driving force behind my designs’’- Adebayo Bankole Thomas.

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Bankole Thomas Fashion Collection was established with a commitment to making beautifully crafted clothes with a modern sophistication. Bankole Thomas is driven by a curiosity to learn about construction, workmanship and perfecting every detail of his designs.

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