“How can you be a “fiancee” to a Man whose Divorce case is still in Court? – Uche Maduagwu Slam Daddy Freeze’s Partner

Controversial Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu has slammed Benedicta Elechi for being in a relationship with OAP Daddy Freeze whose divorce case is still in court.

The self acclaimed biggest actor in Nollywood came down heavily on OAP Daddy Freeze attacking him for allegedly having an affair with another man’s wife. Uche who called Freeze a hypocrite said he has no right to sleep with another man’s wife when she’s not divorced.

Freeze is in a sizzling relationship with Benedicta Elechi who is not yet divorced from her husband. Benedicta had in an interview she granted to Linda Ikeji Blog some days ago revealed that the reason she left her estranged husband was because he was gay.

She also said that her divorce case is still in court which she filed since 2012.

Maduagwu while reacting to an exclusive interview blasted Freeze and condemned him for daring to open his mouth to criticize men of God when he has a serious problem to contend with in his relationship with a married woman.

Uche wrote on his Instagram page saying:

“How can you be a “fiancee” to a Man whose Divorce case is still in Court? Is this a Joke? And you condemn Tithe? This is a blatant Shame & an irreparable disgrace to the institution of marriage and Church! Omg, this absurdity and nonsensical behavior has to stop. Is there no shame again in some people’s destiny? Let’s get the fact right, if a mans divorce case is still in court, it means in clear terms that he is still legally, i repeat, LEGALLY married to his wife, until the court says otherwise… Right? So how on earth, can such a person now be referring to himself as “a betrothed man” to another woman? From which planet?

“Please to the lawyers in the house, where in the LAW is this practice of folly permitted? This is the height of spiritual malady. Are these the kind of people that we allow to openly criticize our Pastors and tithing? Are these the shameless set of people we should be debating our christian values with? This is an unmerited shame and a slap on the face. When did we become this morally deficient that we now allow individuals who desecrate and mess up the holy institution of marriage without regards, to shamelessly stand before us to ridicule our religion, and even raising questions about our spiritual dogma, and shared beliefs?

He had earlier blasted Freeze on Tithing saying: “Your Medulla Oblongata is too shallow and Tight to comprehend tithing… @daddyfreeze Finally brethren, i think I’ve been able to unravel why this self acclaimed “leader” finds it extremely difficult to comprehend Tithing even when its clearly stipulated in Malachi 3:10? I think the lower or hindmost part of his brain is exceedingly too shallow to absorbing the spiritual efficacy of tithing in modern day Christianity, his shallow mind is still entangled subconsciously in the fabrics of logic and reason, which is never enough in the interpretation of spiritual and ecclesiastical dogma, so i think now we can understand where his childish bigotry is emanating from.

“@daddyfreeze Its obvious you always shy away from superior argument especially when it involves me because you know your flamboyant ignorance is relatively too broke and can’t afford rubbing shoulders with my coat of many wisdom. Listen, Tithing is not a superficial religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof, its scriptural, it would be an act of spiritual recklessness for you to ignore Malachi 3:10 while asking people for other verses, you can’t separate the Old testament from the new, the bible is one. Tithing is not by force, so stop drinking paracetamol on someone else headache.”



  1. Maduagwu….or what do you call yourself, who are you to judge and moreover, don’t fight for any pastors or religion….let their God fight for them!

  2. Marriage should be honorable amongst Christians so God hates divorce. But another thing is a divorce case in court for TEN years! That’s another case entirely. What’s wrong with our judiciary? We must understand what we’re practicing in Nigeria as constitution if it’s what’s written in the Nigerian constitution or if it’s whatever oppressors choose to do. A decade is too long to settle the case of two grown ups who has decided to part ways! If it takes a divorce case a decade to be resolved please what happens to case like murder or robbery? In this case it’s about two individuals that chose to live together but suddenly decided to part ways i strongly believe any of the party can decide to do so if there is a GENUINE reason given!


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