Why I Called Toyin Aimakhu Out – Nollywood Actress

Nollywood actress Chioma Nwosu, who made news a few days ago after calling fellow actress Toyin Aimakhu out on social media, has explained her reason behind it.

Recall, the actress slammed Toyin, for not bothering about the well-being of the upcoming actors that showed up at her movie location despite having made them wait all day without shooting.

Taking to IG again, Chioma wrote;1

First off, I would like to thank @instablog9ja, @afrobeatnaija, @mysparkledivasblog and other blogs who have deemed it fit to carry this story on their pages. I am grateful.

My name is Chioma Nwosu and I am a Lawyer, an Actor, a Writer, a budding producer, and I am proud of all my professions.

Let me enlighten you by clarifying some issues regarding the maltreatment of artistes on the set of ‘7 and a half dates’, produced by Toyin Abraham also known as Toyin Aimakhu.

1. I did not at any time act in the above mentioned movie. I have never in any capacity, performed in any movie produced by, or for, Toyin Aimakhu.

2. The maltreatment meted out to artistes on that particular set was narrated by @sandraukele and the outcry against this injustice was picked up by not just me, but other artistes.

3. I will NOT keep quiet when I see injustice. I am a true Nigerian and I am my brother’s keeper.

4. Toyin Abraham, PAY YOUR ARTISTES. It is never done that you call artistes to your set from morning to night, starve them, them send them away penniless without further ado. This is a disgrace. If you do not have money to pay artistes, DO NOT SEND OUT A NOTICE REQUESTING EXTRAS ON YOUR SET.

5. Many of us constantly complain about the government; but how do we treat our fellow man? We go to church and bring down the roof, but go ahead to cheat the subordinate beside you. Every man is loved by God no matter the position in which they find themselves.

6. I was once a struggling actor without money in my pocket so I feel the pain of my comrades and I will not be silent simply because it seems politically correct to do so. TOYIN, PAY YOUR ARTISTES.

7. We will continue to shout to the rafters until actors are treated with the dignity they deserve. ARTISTES ARE NOT SECOND CLASS CITIZENS, TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT!

I hereby call on the actors who were treated in such a despicable manner by @toyin_abraham , to get up and speak out. Speak on your WhatsApp pages, instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Speak everywhere and let this nonsense stop.


Source: Naijaloaded


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