Buzzing Today: Ben Bruce; Stop Taking Weed – Nigerians Fire At Him

Nigerian Senator Ben Murray-Bruce took to his Twitter handle to say that Nigeria will soon overtake India as the country with the most people living in extreme poverty. The Senator representing Bayelsa East constituency, added that Nigerians are hungry because people are afraid to farm for fear of herdsmen attack. Well, majority of Nigerians who follow him on the platform say the senator is wrong.

Many of his followers came at him immediately saying the Senator plays politics with everything

As everyone can’t share the same views on a issue, there were also some who took sides with the common sense senator, saying Buhari has failed Nigerians.


  1. touch and go senator, you served in objs regime, what did you do to better Nigeria, and now a senator, please if you don’t have good things to tweet, better take up your canoe and start fishing, so that the Hunger may be reduced. old empty brains!!!!!!!!!


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